Saturday, May 29, 2004


They are addicted to it! It's scary and overwhelming. Will I ever recognize my house again? They keep asking me where I want them to put something and I don't know either. If I knew where to put it, it wouldn't be there in the first place! And I just knew the bath rooms would not be clean enough to their standards, and sure enough, they aren't. Cleaning them is on their list for tomorrow, while I go to the farmer's market. They can't go with me, because they want to clean... And here I was hoping to lure them out of the house!

Today we went to the Montshire Museum, a local science museum. It was fun, and a nice break from cleaning :-) Erik decided to walk back to the van by himself, while we searched the museum for him.... He was brought back by a nice lady, phew. He is too independent for his own good!!!!

Had yet another prenatal today, I really should have had this baby by now!!!! Ten days overdue, and counting. Everything is going well though, baby is very comfortable. And seriously, I am not sure if I would want to come out either, with all the mil stress we are having LOL. I weighed 161 lbs, which is less than 3 weeks ago, but total weight gain is normal, so midwife wasn't worried. Blood pressure was good, and my uterus had shrunk to 36 cm, instead of the 37 cm it was last week ;-) So baby must be really low in there! Ready to be born. Not even posterior anymore, which is good.

Signed up the kids for swimming lessons, paid the mortgage and went back home to the cleaning crew. I need to find more reasons to be out of the house. Although at the moment they are blaming me for not having the baby 'You should stop running around, so that this baby can be born!!' Well, I am still going to the farmer's market tomorrow! And I might find other things to do too ;-)

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