Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Due Today!!!!!

But somehow the baby still isn't here, which wasn't much of a surprise :-) No signs of impending labor either, which is good, since I still am not ready. I have another week or so before I want this baby out, so that I can have her before my mother and mother-in-law are here. For now I am just happy that I have some extra time to get all the things ready that are on my list of 'Things to do. URGENT!!'

Tonight, I tried walking for an hour to get things moving, and I had exactly ZERO contractions during my walk, so much for that. Well, at least I will be in excellent condition by the time I go into labor :-)

I had some LLL friends over today and was able to get rid of some of my tomato and basil seedlings to them. It was a nice morning. In the afternoon, I planted sunflowers and cucumbers in my newly dug bed. Nature cooperated by sending a good thunder storm our way afterwards, so I didn't even have to water it. I added some composted cow manure to the bed, and Erik was all excited when I got the bag out of the car. 'Is that cow doodoo??????' He even helped me put it on, no qualms about getting it on his hands at all. Still trying to decide whether that's a good thing or not :-)

I didn't have the baby, but I did get our new dryer today. Our old one has been broken for four or five months now, so it was about time. The boys were elated about it 'Now we don't have to hang the laundry anymore!!!!!!!' Never knew two boys could be so excited about a new dryer LOL. Of course, now that the new dryer has been installed, the washer suddenly looks really old and wornout...

Baby is active and shows no signs of wanting to come out. I know it won't last that long anymore, so I am really enjoying this time with her still inside. It's very special to be a unity for a bit longer.


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