Thursday, May 27, 2004

10 More Hours...

Till they arrive. Yikes, yikes, yikes!!! And no, still no baby. I think it's starting to be extremely unlikely that this baby will be here before the mother-in-law's. Guess I am just concentrating on cleaning today, and maybe that will make the baby come out???? OK, maybe not LOL

For now I have
  • Made breakfast using duck eggs (got those from a friend, neat!)
  • Started bread, dough is rising now
  • Put away the last load of diapers
  • Cleaned out the top shelf of the fridge, wondering how I could have saved some science experiments for that long
  • Listened to half an hour of one of my daughters screaming, she is NOT a good morning person
  • Had another kid freak out for about half an hour about a little thing
Yes, we all are a bit stressed LOL.

Off to get more done, send labor vibes or cleaning vibes or both!!!!!!

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