Friday, May 14, 2004

Five More Days!

Till 40 weeks! Not that I expect the baby to be born that day, but it still is fun to count down :-) I did some gardening, but not as much as I wanted. I transplanted a few broccoli seedlings into the garden, and I started digging a new bed to plant sunflowers. Some weeding, and that was about it for today, not very impressive. But I also had to try to get a present for Cees in the morning, and it took us three stores to find the perfect one. In the afternoon Kate had ballet, and then Cees and Jane had belt testing at karate. They both now are the proud owners of a new color belt! Cees has a purple belt, Jane a yellow one.

The belt testing always takes way too long from the point of view of the little ones. Especially Erik was extremely bouncy and had a hard time with being quiet. I am glad it is over! At least a few more months till a next belt test will come up. The timing of the test didn't help either, from 5 to 7pm. About the worst time behaviorwise for my kids.

The mail brought another nice surprise, I am having lots of fun mail this week. It was a regional parenting magazine, with one of my articles in it, and the payment!!! Woohoo! I am going to get rich. OK, maybe not rich, but I still like making some money with my writing, even if it isn't much. Guess I should send out more articles and queries, I got out of the habit, but this should help to get me back into it.

I washed some baby clothes today, I feel super organized that I am doing this before my due date even! Not that I have a place to put them yet, I want to reorganize where Erik's clothes are, but to do that I have to reorganize Jane's clothes first. But still, at least there are some freshly washed baby clothes in the house now!

At karate, a little girl came over to me and stated 'You are fat!' LOL I explained about the baby and she was just totally fascinated. I let her feel one of his feet and she was feeling all over my belly to see whether she could figure out more baby parts. Later she went to her father and made him come over to me 'Look!!!! She has an upside down baby in her belly!!!!!' :-) I think she must have been about five years old.

One of our frogs
One of our pond frogs, will he help to lure the stork to our house? ;-)

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