Sunday, April 25, 2004



I just don't have time to prepare for this baby, need to garden instead! :-) Friday was kind of rainy, but my friend came over anyway and we got quite some stuff done. Turned over three garden beds, and sowed radishes, carrots, greens, and lettuce. I want to put those nice hoops over them, to speed up germination and growth, but it has been so windy that I was afraid they would be blown away. So they aren't installed yet, hopefully soon though.

Today, I dug up some daylilies that are too close to the house, and don't get enough sunlight. I put them next to the pond instead, where there is a lot of sun, and hope they will do well there. I think the pond will look really nice with the blooming daylilies. Now I have to decide which other flowers I want there, I am tempted to put some beebalm there too, although it might overtake the whole bed, or the whole yard. On the other hand, the flowers look really nice and attract butterflies and hummingbirds, so maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing.

After planting the daylilies, I got out the hose, and watered my new strawberries and the daylilies. Decided to add some water to all my seeds too, and to the new blueberry bushes. I was about finished, when I felt the first rain drops.... Had to run to get my laundry inside, and it rained so much that I felt really silly about doing the watering with the hose...

I went to a LLL district work shop yesterday, it was a lot of fun. Not only the workshop, but also the going out with friends, but none of my kids :-) I left dh with 8 kids, because we had 2 friends sleep over... That was after having 2 of our kids sleep over at a friend's house the night before, so we went overnight from 4 to 8 kids :-) He did fine though, although he seemed happy when I came home again.

I did some transplanting of my seedlings, but still lots to go. My dining room table was being taken over by seedlings, so I needed to clear off my island to have more space. Got that done tonight, so only half of the dining room table is unsuitable for eating now, instead of three quarters :-)

More and more flowers in our yard are blooming! Most daffodils are in full bloom now, and I even have some tulips. Those are the species tulips, smaller and a bit less showy than the more cultivated ones, but they are supposed to naturalize much better. I hope it works, usually my tulips do come back year after year, but only the green, not the flowers. Which just isn't the same LOL.

And today I found that some lungwort which I got from a friend last year, is blooming too!!! I hadn't realized it bloomed this early. And the amaryllis I planted on the anniversary of my last year's 11wk loss is blooming in our window sill. It's a very impressive flower, I should make pictures tomorrow. I love this time of the year!

A friend had her baby today, nice home birth, and a cute baby girl! I am so happy for her! Hope to go over tomorrow and admire their new little one. She sent out a picture via email and my kids admired it. Kate asked about the numbers on the lower corner.
'What's this?'
I replied 'That's the date'.
She brightened 'Oh, they had a date!
And then they had sex!
And then they had the new baby!'
Well, kind of LOL

I guess now it's my turn to have a baby, maybe I better start ordering some birth supplies? Although I still should have at least a month! No sense in getting stuff too early.

species tulips

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