Sunday, April 11, 2004

Baby belly!


I got a wonderful surprise baby shower yesterday! A good friend had called me last week, telling me that she wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate the new baby. We set the date for last night. It sounded like it was just her taking me out to dinner, nobody else involved. Of course, you can predict where this is going :-) We came into the restaurant and 'everybody' was there!!! Well, almost every mom from our homeschool support group. Seven moms for the seven kids I have now :-) OK, maybe the number was a coincidence, but it still was a fun way of thinking of it.

I had a wonderful time! We had great, Indian food. And we just enjoyed sitting and chatting and having no kids around to take care of. I got some presents, photo frames (seven of them, one for each kid), and a bunch of cute outfits. Which is good, since I got rid of most of my baby clothes last summer, when I was wondering whether I ever was going to have a baby again. So it's nice to know that this baby doesn't have to go naked after all :-)

I still can't believe they planned this and were able to keep it a secret! The meal was over too soon, and we chatted for a bit more, but at some point it was time to leave. A bunch of us decided to go to a pub where one of the moms was going to dance that night. But then some were too tired, and another one called home, and let's just say that her dh wasn't doing well with the kids. So in the end it was just two of us going, but we met the other friend and her dh there and had a great time anyway! I learned a new card game (well, new to me :-), called pitch, and I even danced.... Not that I have any particular talent in dancing, but let's just say that the others were really convincing LOL.

So I had a great dinner, wonderful shower, and fun time in the pub, all totally unexpectedly! Well, the dinner wasn't unexpected, the rest was. I came home around 11pm and my dh was actually doing really well with the kids. The kids wanted to know everything about the surprise party, since my girls turned out to know about it from a friend. Even more amazing that they didn't spill the beans!

Some baby shower gifts

Kids are hyper, so I guess I'll wait till tomorrow to tell about our Easter celebrations We had a great time, but way too much candy :-)

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