Saturday, April 17, 2004


Had yet another prenatal yesterday. It went well, we talked a lot about the birth and all the issues surrounding it. I thought it was interesting that she didn't try to talk me out of an unattended birth at all, she really seemed to accept my choice and to be comfortable with it. Or maybe she knows that I am too stubborn to be talked out of it anyway LOL. Seriously, she supports my choice, but just isn't able to attend the birth, and I totally see why not and accept her choice in that too. She will do my prenatal care though, so that's good. And I feel very confident in my decision to do this as an unattended home birth, it is the right decision for me. We are very close to ambulance station and hospital, so I would be able to transport very rapidly if anything happened. But it won't. I'll just have a perfect birth at home, with a healthy baby in my arms. And then I can send my triumphant birth story to all the obs who predicted doom and gloom :-)

My fundal height was 33.5 cm, baby's heart rate was 130 something, baby was head down and his back was towards my right side. She even was able to easily hear the heartbeat with her ear on my belly! Have to get the kids to try that! I gained back the weight that I lost, blood pressure was perfect, so basically everything is going really well.

Went home to start digging yet again, got a small asparagus bed prepared (including cleaning the bunny cage to add some organic matter ;-) and planted 11 asparagus roots. They have to go pretty deep, so it took me a while. I am now the proud owner of a real asparagus bed, even although you can't see anything in it yet, but the soil. No idea how long it will take before asparagus will pop up, and then I have to cover them again I think. Next year I should be able to harvest for 2 weeks, the year after for 4 weeks, and then the third year for 6 weeks, but 'only the most vigorous crowns'. Hope I can recognize which ones are the most vigorous ones :-) Looking at the bed, it's hard to imagine that anything will ever grow from it :-) I am sure the first dandelions will pop up soon though...

Today, a good friend came over to help me plant more stuff. We ended up planting 4 hybrid plum trees, 10 american plums, 4 high bush blueberries and 11 raspberries. Wow! Quite a lot! Those were all the items from my Fedco trees order that were waiting in the garage, and that I wanted to get in as soon as possible, I was worried about them drying out too much, or maybe freeze. Now I just have 50 strawberry plants and 14 asparagus roots left, and then I will be done! Well, with this order that is. Lots of other gardening stuff to do :-) I finally started seeds last Monday, and both my broccoli and my cabbage are sprouting already. I am so happy that it's gardening season again!

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