Thursday, April 15, 2004


Finally!!!! It's about time that winter is over. After a few very rainy days, I had kind of expected more rain today. But the weather totally surprised me by being nice and sunny, even although it was kind of windy. Didn't care though, especially since my Fedco trees order arrived yesterday. I am now in the panicking stage, looking at those trees and shrubs and wondering what the heck I was thinking???!!! LOL How am I going to get all that in the ground? I know all be fine and I'll get it all in, but for now I am just panicking :-) I'll have a good friend come over on Saturday to help me dig and plant. Looking forward to gardening with a friend. My dh couldn't care less about gardening, he just helps with heavy digging as needed, but he just doesn't have the addiction to gardening that I have.

I now have 4 hybrid plum trees, 4 high bush blueberries, 10 raspberry canes, 50 strawberry plants, 25 asparagus roots, 10 american plum trees, and 1 bleeding heart waiting to be planted. Should keep me busy for a few days :-) Today I spent a few hours trying to prepare the strawberry bed, but there is one of those huge rocks under there, so most of the time, I just tried to get that one out! Got lots of smaller rocks out, but the big one is still unmoveable. Guess I have to talk hubby in solving this one for me. Not sure whether even he will be able too, I think it's not a good sign that I still can't move it even although most of the soil around it is gone. I might just have to move my strawberry bed a bit :-) But for now not giving up on it yet.

More on the ob who dropped me, some one asked whether it was legal to do so. I think it is, maybe they have to give a few weeks notice or so, but they are allowed to drop you as far as I know. I have to admit that I don't really care anyway, since I had made the decision to home birth even before he decided to drop me. One thing about the home birth decision is that it feels totally right, as opposed to going to the hospital and being regarded as a ticking time bomb. My review of all the research has shown me that this home birth is not higher risk than any of my other six home births were. I feel confident that this is going to be a beautiful, uneventful birth, with a healthy baby in the end. I am going to surround myself with supportive friends, and enjoy being in my own environment, being able to make my own decisions, as opposed to being in the hospital where I would have to fight against all kinds of hospital rules, especially given my 'high risk' status.

Tomorrow, I'll have a prenatal again, early in the morning, so I can go by myself, which will give me more opportunity to talk to my midwife. And hopefully the weather will be as nice as today, which means I will be able to spend the rest of the day gardening again!


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