Monday, April 19, 2004

Crazy Weather!

Where I still was shivering last week, watching the woodcocks, has the weather surprised us now by turning really hot! It was 30 C today (86 F)!!! A few days ago, we still had ice on our pond every morning. Now we were sweating and kids were begging for lemonade. It was very very windy though, gusts up to 45mph, everything kept being blown away the moment you put it down. Things like Erik's clothes and such.... He thought they were optional in this kind of weather ;-) I couldn't blame him, I walked around in shorts and a t-shirt and still was hot. I didn't do as much digging as I wanted to do either...

Tomorrow, it's supposed to be in the 60s again, more typical for this time of the year. And since this is New England, most likely next week we'll have snow or so LOL.

Yesterday, I got 26 cinder blocks and we built a raised strawberry bed. That was a lot of hauling, to get all those blocks from the car to the back yard. Especially since it was mostly uphill :-) Found out that they were bigger than I thought, so now my strawberry bed is a bit bigger too. Oh well :-)

Sander did the real building, but I helped to get the blocks there, using the wagon. Even the kids helped! The blocks are all around the bed now, and filled with soil. The filling was a perfect kids task too. Today, I got 10 bags of top soil, and 2 bags of cow manure, and the kids put those in the bed. They thought it was disgusting that we put 'cow doodoo' on the strawberries LOL.

Tomorrow, I plan to get a few more bags of top soil, and then the bed just will have to be filled enough, so I can actually plant the strawberries. They are in the basement now, eagerly awaiting their new home :-) I dug part of an asparagus bed for the rest of the asparagus, but today it was just too hot to dig, so they'll have to wait till tomorrow or Wednesday too.

Today, Erik went over to the newly planted raspberry canes. They just look like sticks in the ground. He squinted at them, and asked me 'Are they ripe yet?????' I had to disappoint him LOL. I have to admit that I keep going over to my new plum trees, to see whether there are any leaves budding yet, which seems unlikely a few days after planting too. So maybe it's something genetic, that both of us just are very impatient :-)

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