Friday, April 02, 2004

Thirty Three Weeks and Three Days

33w3d today! I am still amazed and thrilled that this pregnancy is going so perfectly, after all the pregnancies which didn't. Baby is head down, kicking, I just love it! Officially, I have only 46 days left, but with my history of late babies, I am sure it will be more like 55 days at the least. Still, it means that I have less than two months to go, how exciting!

One of my good friends dreamt last week that I had a little girl at home, and we named her something that she couldn't pronounce :-) Erik has predicted the baby's gender by stating 'He is a girl!' I felt pretty sure that this is a boy, but this week I feel more like a girl too. I guess we'll see who comes out :-) And no, we still don't have names. Somehow I feel afraid of jinxing it all by deciding on a name before the birth. Erik was named one week after his birth, and we really liked that anyway. One thing is that we don't have to come up with both a boy's and a girl's name this way, we can just see the baby first and then find the name that best fits her. Or him :-)

We have had way too much rain over the last few days, and it's supposed to rain even more for the next week or so. I want spring weather, not rain!!! Well, I guess rain is better than snow, but not much better. Maybe I am going to start some plants this weekend, to beat the rain blues!

Tomorrow, I'll go to my first American LLL area conference. Very much looking forward to it. It's a long drive, 2 hours, but it will be nice not to have any kids to distract me during the drive, or to ask me 'Are we there yet????' The only kid who's going with me is still inside, and unable to complain about long car trips :-)

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