Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Well, the ob did drop me, after reading my letter. Which wasn't a total surprise, but I had kind of hoped he would be more reasonable, I guess I just lost another illusion.

My midwife called to tell me, she says that he can't be sure how all this research is relevant for my particular incision, so they won't 'allow' me to birth in their hospital unless I consent to a c-section. Well, too bad for them!

When my midwife offered to call our local teaching hospital (very high tech) I politely refused and told her I would just stay home, thank you. The thing is that she won't be able to attend a home birth because of my myomectomy (licensing? / something because she is a CNM? not sure, but uterine surgery is a no no in her guidelines). I told her that I am comfortable with an unattended birth (heck, 2 out of my 6 were born unattended by accident :-) and would she still be willing to do prenatal care? She is willing to do that, so I guess that's the plan for now.

Saves me driving two hours to and from the appointment with him next week. I am happy that my home birth plans are 'official' now, it is the right decision for me. No way I am going to let them cut me open, just to prevent an uterine rupture that won't happen anyway. The moment they do that c-section, they increase my risks both for this birth and for any future births.

On a better note, I had a wonderful day with my friend today! Her older girls and my girls disappeared upstairs most of the time, and just enjoyed themselves. Her baby had grown so much since the last time I saw her! Can't wait to hold my own baby soon!

She brought a box full of baby clothes and a few cookbooks, I feel very blessed to have good friends like her. I showed her my new baby quilt. Most of the time we just sat and chatted and enjoyed ourselves, I am glad she was able to make it up here today. She was the first one who heard about my 'ob dropped me, too bad I will have to have a homebirth now' news :-) Was nice to share with her. She is the one that dreamt that I had a healthy, little baby girl at home, so I am sure that this is a good sign!

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