Thursday, April 22, 2004


Wow!! Where did the time go? It's amazing how I seem to have been pregnant forever, but at the other hand it doesn't feel like I can't possibly be this close to birth! Especially not since I haven't really gotten anything ready. Hmmm, maybe I should get started on stuff?

All the things that I haven't done yet and would like to do some time soon:
  • Making an inventory of which birth supplies I have already, and which ones I still need to order
  • Order those birth supplies that I still need

  • Find some baby clothes and wash them. I got rid of most of my baby stuff last year, when I was thinking that maybe, if I got rid of my baby things at a friend's garage sale, that that might help me to get pregnant. It did work :-) But now I don't have many baby clothes, although I have been given quite some already, so the kid won't have to go naked :-)
  • Organize my diapers and wraps. I have more than enough of those, but a lot of my newborn / small stuff is still in the basement, while the toddler stuff is within easy reach of my usual diaper changing spot. So I need to switch those around.
  • Declutter my whole house. OK, maybe just clean the fridge LOL. Usually I do a lot of decluttering during pregnancy, but somehow I haven't been as motivated this pregnancy. Oh well, maybe the decluttering bug will still hit me soon. And maybe not :-)
  • Get my garden in! It would be nice to have as much of my garden in as possible before this baby comes out, but we'll see what happens. Gardening is much more fun than all the other things though, so I have been spending most of my time on it lately. Who wants to be in the house now that the weather is so nice????

OTOH, I always go quite overdue, so I still have lots of time to get this all done, right? Gardening wise, I am doing great. I got all 51 strawberries planted in my new, raised strawberry bed, and found out that it is way too big. I think it didn't help that I thought the cinder blocks were 1 foot each, but in reality they turn out to be 16 inches each... It was supposed to be a 4' x 8' bed, but is a bit bigger now.... Guess I need even more strawberries :-) A friend is going to give me some, and I might dig out some of my old, grass overgrown strawberry bed.

Got all my asparagus roots planted. Planting those is pretty discouraging. You spend all this time digging and planting and then NOTHING shows! Makes me wonder whether anything is going to happen at all? It'd better!

Sowed some spinach, beets, and shell peas. Funny story about the shell peas. Last year, we got them quite a few times at the farmer's market, so the kids got used to helping me shell all those peas. Erik got so used to it that he was totally amazed when I got out a package of frozen peas from the freezer this winter. I opened them, and he looked at them and was very surprised 'You don't have to peel them???????' LOL He obviously hadn't realized that they actually could be bought after somebody else shelled them :-)

My garlic is sprouting! I planted it in the fall, I am happy that it survived the winter and started growing. I have lots of daffodils and even some tulips blooming now! I love spring!

Prepared 1.5 garden beds, a good friend will come over tomorrow to help me garden, so hope to prepare more of them then. I was going to transplant seedlings to bigger pots today, but as usual, I ran out of day time. There should be more hours in the day, especially in the summer!

Baby is still nice and active, I just love love love feeling him kick.

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