Monday, April 05, 2004

Perfect Present!!!

The QuiltToday, the mailman brought me a package, just a boring, brown box, but I saw that the return address was a good friend's. So I eagerly opened it, to find a beautiful quilt, which she made for me! It even has a small deer on one of the corners, wow! What a wonderful and thoughtful present! My little ones were playing over at another friend's house, and I just had to take the quilt with me, when I went to pick them up, to share with them. They were impressed. Looking forward to using this for my deer baby!

Last week, I got a pair of soft, cute, and colorful baby slippers from another internet friend, I am truly blessed with the friends I have met on line!

I had a really great day at the LLL conference this weekend. I thought I would have to drive there by myself, but then the phone rang at 6:30am (yawn :-) I had been up for a while already, was almost ready to leave, and I wondered who would call me at that time of the day????? Turned out it was a friend who also was going to the conference and did I want to car pool? We had been trying to connect earlier in the week, but it hadn't happened, I am so glad she called me early that morning!

It's an almost two hours drive and it just was way more fun together. Lots of time to chat about birthing and other issues. This was my first American LLL conference and I am so glad I went. I learned a lot, and I enjoyed the atmosphere and everything. There were lots of cool things for sale, but I just couldn't justify spending more money on cute diaper covers LOL. I did end up buying a few things for a friend's new baby though, and I won two things in the silent auction! A $50 Shaklee gift certificate (paid only $30 for it!) and three Jim Weiss CDs with stories (Greek Myths and two other cool ones) I was happy with both of those. The only thing that wasn't that good, was the lunch, not many vegetarian choices, but that was a minor blip in an otherwise wonderful day.

After the conference, we went out to dinner with another friend, and we sat and chatted for a long time after dinner was over. We were just having too much fun to go home :-) Eventually we had to anyway, of course, but I came home pretty late :-)

Tomorrow I'll have a friend visiting me with her three girls, looking forward to that. For now I am off to bed, I hear a lot of HHHHHHHHHHHYPER kids upstairs :-)

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