Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Phew, Water Is Back!

When we got up this morning, the water was back on. No idea what happened, maybe I'll find out today or tomorrow. But I am happy that we got the water back, it was inconvenient not to have any. I bribed the kids into picking up the floors, and ran a vacuum cleaner through them. The house looks so much better now, that is, if you ignore all the piles of clutter every where, but at least you can walk LOL. Got bread started, ground wheat for my rhubarb bread (which I have been wanting to bake for close to 2 weeks...) and now I am finally making lunch for myself. But at least we do have water :-)

Never posted the pic of all seven kids a few days after birth, it was taken where Sylvia was born. They are sitting on Sylvia's special deer quilt.

Lucky Seven

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