Monday, June 21, 2004

karen and sylvia

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days that I was busy doing stuff all the time, but felt like I had accomplished nothing at the end of the day. Didn't get any birth announcements sent out. Didn't get any of the other things sent out that I had been wanting to mail to people. Didn't get the rhubarb bread baked that I am craving. Didn't get even one tenth done of what I would have liked to have done.

Maybe I should concentrate on what I did get done instead.

  • Got my girls to an early gymnastics session, phew, that wasn't easy, and it's going to be almost daily for three weeks. Jane really wanted to sign up for it though, and I got myself suckered into it.
  • Baked three cheese pizzas, Jane, Kate, and Erik each made one, Jane's was shaped like a jellyfish... She likes to make all kinds of more interesting pizza shapes.
  • Did get part of the garden watered, but only the close by the house part. Didn't want to bother with 3 or 4 hoses to do the farther away beds. It really should rain someday soon!!!! We got like two times 5 minutes of rain this weekend, and that was it...
  • Weeded some of my veggie beds, why do weeds grow so well, even if it doesn't rain? LOL
  • Nursed Sylvia 5,000 times, and changed a lot of poopy diapers :-)
  • Washed a load of diapers, and even line dried them, but I have to admit that I bribed my older boys into hanging them on the line :-) If I didn't have them around, they might just have been thrown into the dryer.
  • Did lots of other little things, but nothing big.
  • Hmmm, the boys cleaned up most of the mudroom, can I count that as my accomplishment since I asked them to? And paid them in Pokemon cards? ;-)

Hmmmm, when I write it out this way, it seems that I did more than I thought. Still, it feels like I didn't do much, even although I was busy all day. I also was really stressed, I think that bothers me a lot more than the stuff I didn't get done. I don't want to get post partum depression again, and it's scary to think that it could happen anyway. It better stays away this time! Now that I have this perfect baby, I want a perfect post partum experience too!


Since I got some irises as a shower present for Sylvia, I have been really associating my irises with her birth. Some of the purple ones are at their top now, and I have been so much enjoying them, and thinking back to her birth, close by the irises :-)

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