Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Out Of Water Error!

About half an hour ago, our water just stopped working. No idea what happened. The tap used to give water when you turned it on. And the toilet used to flush when you asked it to. Now they just stopped! We went to our basement to see whether anything obvious was wrong, but it wasn't. So we looked in our front yard, since it was really windy tonight, so was thinking that maybe a tree had fallen down and the roots had damaged the water line. Nope, not that either. If it wasn't midnight, I guess I could ask the neighbors whether they had water. Somehow I doubt that they want to be woken up right now to ask them to check their water.

I looked in the phone book, and it just tells you where to report a fire, nothing about where to report your water not working. And I dont' really want to call them at midnight anyway, I'll wait till tomorrow morning, and hope things get solved during the night, or that I can ask the neighbors about their water situation tomorrow morning.

My gut feeling is that Kim has been contagious. And Carmen is having water problems too, but hers are much more annoying than ours. Some one in chat had plumbing problems, so maybe it's just a bad water day? Must be because the planets are aligned the wrong way or so...

Well, let's hope that we will have water again today, Sylvia will not be impressed if we have to clean her butt with pond water tomorrow (we have kind of an algae problem in the pond LOL)

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