Monday, June 14, 2004

Is She A Good Baby?

Got my first one of those today 'Is she a good baby?'. It always puzzles me that people ask that. Of course she is a good baby! How can a 10 day old be bad anyway? What kind of reply do they expect? 'No, she is just horrible, I think I'll exchange her?' 'No, we'll have to try again and hope we get a good baby next time?' What defines a baby's goodness? How many poopy diapers? Well, she's pretty good at producing those. How many times she wakes at night? The perfect number of times for her perfect body. Whether she cries a lot? Well, it's one of her ways of communicating, so of course she does cry some. All those thoughts went through my head, and I decided to reply with a simple 'Yes! She is a PERFECT baby!'

She is TEN days old now, gives me flashbacks to when Kate was ten days old and we had to travel to the Netherlands. Talk about stress. So glad we don't have to do that this time! Going to the supermarket today was adventurous enough for me :-) I took Sylvia in the sling, she slept almost all the time. Newborns are so easy!

My pain is a bit better again, although it was pretty bad last night while I was nursing. It was the way I was holding her though, not the nursing itself that aggravated it. I think I need more pillows to work with, so I can support my arm with a pillow till this stupid pain is gone.

I did get some tomato seedlings planted today, only a few more to go. This was supposed to all happen before the birth, but I guess she still was too early, even at 17 days overdue ;-)


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