Saturday, June 19, 2004

sleeping baby

Farmer's Market

Today was Sylvia's first trip to our farmer's market! I would like to say that she loved it, but I have to admit that she just slept and slept in the sling, rolled over once in a while and then continued sleeping LOL. But every one there liked seeing her, she looked very content. I love showing her off to all. Now it would have been perfect if Erik wouldn't have needed too many potty stops on one of those disgusting portable toilets ;-) Blech!

Harvested my first shelling peas today! Erik was so excited when he saw them! Sander said he had a hard time telling him about it, since he was just too excited :-) He immediately started shelling them and fed us the peas. I tried to encourage him to eat some, but he didn't go for that, he loves shelling them though. So much for 'experts' telling us that kids will eat vegetables if they grow and pick them themselves... Guess they haven't met my kids :-)

Sylvia wore her first real dress today, I had mostly gotten neutral baby stuff before she was born, since we didn't know she would be a girl. But now that she is out, people have been giving me girly stuff, this was one of the gifts she got. The picture shows her sleeping in her new dress.

I was going to take a nice walk all by myself tonight (well, with Sylvia, but she doesn't interfere with walking). But Kate and Erik wanted to go with me, so I thought that would be a nice outing for them. Of course we had to stop at every interesting rock, stick, and so on. Not a very good workout. But they enjoyed themselves, so I guess I'll just do a real walk again tomorrow :-) Maybe they'll fall asleep earlier tonight... OK, maybe not :-)

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