Wednesday, June 02, 2004

42 Weeks!!!

All those sticky vibes people have been sending me sure are working very very well! Although I believe it's mostly the mil-stress that's keeping the baby in at the moment. Yesterday, I had enough contractions to be hopeful that it would happen some time soon. Today, they are totally GONE! Guess it's not going to be as soon as I had thought :-)

Some one was asking me today whether I was trying to break some kind of record or so? LOL, nope, just having a baby who is as much of a procrastinator as her mom :-)

It was rainy today, so I didn't even get to do any gardening. Did go to the chiropractor, and decided to take the kids to Shrek 2 in the afternoon. That was fun. I enjoyed watching it, and it got us out of the house. Erik was very bouncy though, I am glad we were in the back of the theater, so he didn't bother other people. He just hasn't reached the age yet where he can actually sit still when watching a movie.

Baby is very active, and I feel great, so I am not worried about going overdue. Although it would be nice if she decided to come out some time soon. Especially if I manage to have that happen at the beaver pond. Next time, I might take a backpack with some receiving blankets, just in case ;-) A beaver pond birth just sounds perfect. I'll come home with the baby in my arms and show the mil-s 'Look what I've found on my hike!' :-) What a contrast that would be with the planned c-section that my ob was trying to talk me into. I am so glad I decided not to go for that. My baby would have been 4 weeks old or so by now, we would have missed out on a whole glorious month of pregnancy!

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