Friday, June 04, 2004

9.5 months pregnant!

Mucus Plug!!!!

Tonight, around 6pm, I FINALLY started losing my mucus plug!!! This usually means that I will give birth within a few days, I am thinking that either Friday night, or Saturday night would be nice. But I'll take a birth at any time of the day or night, just want it to happen soon! I am having some contractions, but nothing exciting. Guess I'll have to wait and see when real labor starts kicking in. I have a friend who will post about the birth to this journal, so even if I am not up to posting, you all still will know ;-)

Took the kids to the swimming pool today. Kate and Jane had been asking, and I figured I'd better do it before baby makes his appearance. People did the obligatory step back when they found out that this baby was due two weeks ago. They seemed to think I could drop that baby on their feet any moment now ;-) I didn't though.

Took Kate to ballet, and had one of the grandmas watch her, while I made a fast, but pretty big grocery store run. I often do that the day before I give birth, and since the birth still hasn't happened yet, I hoped that doing the groceries would trigger it somehow.

Came back home, put away groceries, and had a friend over to bring some frozen meals for after the baby, yummy!!! She said that she thought that maybe this baby had been waiting for those meals :-) Guess he was, because a few hours later, I started losing that plug ;-)

Went on a short walk, saw the chiropractor yet again, and told him that he must have done something wrong on Monday, because I still hadn't given birth. My spine is in optimal condition now, I just need to get this baby out :-)

Later today, I planted thirty or so strawberry plants, this was in addition to the tomato plants I platned this morning. So much gardening to do, so little time!!!

And then tonight, I was going to the bath room for the umpteenth time, and I saw the blood!!! Finally good blood, as opposed to the toilet paper checks, being scared for blood throughout most of my pregnancy. It really is going to happen! This baby really is going to come out soon! Can't wait to meet him! Tomorrow, I'll have my very last prenatal.

hands on belly

I have been wanting to make this picture for the last two weeks or so, but somehow never got around to it. It's inspired by ICAN's Cesarean Awareness Month poster. I am glad we were able to make the picture before the baby came out, even although I procrastinated till 16 days after the due date ;-) Hmmmm, maybe this baby was waiting for the picture to be made?

I guess the baby is finally getting all the hints and will make his appearance soon!

making of the hands on belly pic

This shows how we made the picture, Erik kept putting his head on my belly instead of just his hands :-)

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