Tuesday, June 01, 2004

My Dream Birth

Today, I was walking in our neighborhood, on my way to the beaver pond, when a huge contraction hit me. A 'wow!' one. A having to stand still and wait and wonder one. A 'hmmmm, maybe I'll have this baby today after all' one. I stopped for a moment, and then walked on. More contractions were hitting me, but not as strong as that first one.

I walked on to the woods, where the beaver pond is. I entered the woods and a feeling of peace and rightness descended on me. This was where it all started, this was where I was being led to now. I walked on and arrived at the beaver pond. It was quiet. I sat down and soaked up the atmosphere. A turtle was climbing on a rock. Insects were flying low over the water. Trees were surrounding and protecting me. An ant was climbing my leg. Black flies were biting my neck.

I put my hand on my belly and told her that this is where it all started, that now she could finish it and come out. That this would be the perfect day for a birthday, and that I was ready for her. Labor picked up, contractions were stronger and closer together. I couldn't sit anymore, had to be upright and move around. This went on for a while. Time didn't have much meaning at that point, even although I knew it must be passing.

Gradually, the contractions started changing. They got more of a pushy feeling to them, not really pushing yet, but like the baby was moving down. I took off my t-shirt so that I would have something to put her on. It felt like it couldn't be long now. It wasn't. About 15 minutes later, she came down fast, and I squatted and caught her over the t-shirt. A perfect baby girl. A perfect birth. I felt like deer must have been close by, watching over us.

No, this wasn't what really happened, apart from the strong contraction in the beginning and the talk to my baby at the beaver pond. And the turtle and black flies ;-) But I found myself fantasizing and visualizing this and I wanted to share my fantasies. I did have a few more good strong contractions during my walk though, so there is hope! And tonight I walked for an hour and had quite some contractions, but not as strong as the afternoon ones. Had even more contractions when I came back home, so my uterus is doing something. I wouldn't be surprised if I went into real labor tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised either if it was going to take another few days or weeks though :-) We'll see.

Baby is still nice and active, mil-s are still cleaning and driving me batty at times, and I am still gardening and getting as much as possible in the ground before the baby is here.

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