Monday, June 28, 2004

Fun With Gloves

When I was assembling my birthing supplies, I consulted the list my midwife gives to all her homebirthing moms, and used that as guidance. One of the items were latex gloves, which I knew we were not going to need, because of having an unattended birth. I bought them anyway. Mostly because when Erik was born, my kids played for weeks with the leftover gloves. So much fun.

Today, they discovered the new box of gloves. Instant happiness, they were blowing them up, and doing all kinds of games with them. The most hilarious ones involved cows, udders, and milking them... Imagine a bunch of kids, udders between their legs, walking on four 'legs' on the lawn, moo-ing to each other. They later morphed into chickens and roosters, not sure how that happened, and not sure what happened to the udders LOL. There suddenly was a need for lots of balls outside though, because they were laying eggs. Even the rooster managed to lay eggs, so amazing! LOL

When I walked with the little ones today, Kate asked to go to the beaver pond. So we spent some time there, the kids throwing rocks, sticks and flowers in the water, while I was nursing Sylvia. Sylvia recycled her milk into poop though, so we needed to go home to change her. I didn't bring any supplies since it was going to be a short walk. Oh well.

Was kind of depressed this afternoon, but then I had a few friends over, one even brought dinner, and that helped a lot. It's amazing how good friends can make such a difference, just by being there. I got six more birth announcements mailed today, that made me feel good too. And Sylvia got cute presents in the mail, a hand knit sweater/pants/hat combo, very pink, and a beautiful new baby blanket, with her name and a bambi in one of the corners! I just love it! I will post pictures later this week, too tired to upload them now.

Kate is really into reincarnation. 'Every day some one dies and some one gets born. The person who dies will be ready to be born again, and will be a new tiny baby.' For her reincarnation is an instantaneous process. I think Jane's theory involves angels somewhere in the process.


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