Friday, June 11, 2004

She's REALLY Here Now

She lost her umbilical cord yesterday, somehow that always symbolizes to me the real transition from the 'inner' or womb world to our 'normal' world. On the one hand I am glad that it's gone. On the other hand, it feels like it's the first step of growing up, and that it's going way too fast already! But however it feels like, it sure does mean that she is a full fledged member of our society now. Or do you think she still needs a name too?

We are pretty sure it's going to be Sylvia. We considered Diana too, but somehow I didn't want her to be associated in any way with princess Diana, I think otherwise I would have liked that name. I know it's silly, but it just doesn't seem like the right name for her.

We are enjoying her so much. It amazes us how she, at a few days old, already figured out how the world works 'When you get a diaper change, you are entitled to a nice nursing session afterwards' ;-) She totally insists on this now :-) She focuses on our faces and just is too cute for words. We are truly blessed to be her parents. She makes those cute noises in her sleep, and just is totally perfect!

Today was Tara's birthday. She was our first unattended birth. Granted, it was not planned to be an unattended birth, but I still feel that having this experience made it a lot easier to choose for a planned unattended birth this time. Some one said to me that sometimes she wonders whether those things happen for a reason. So I had the two unplanned unattended births to prepare me for the planned one this time. It's an interesting theory, makes me go 'hmmmm'' and contemplate life, the universe, and everything :-)

Today also was Payback Time... Cees was holding the baby and suddenly there was this big burping sound and she emptied the whole contents of her belly over him... He shrieked and I just laughed and laughed, it wasn't too bad anyway, but it made me remember the 9,602 times that Cees had done that to us when he was a baby... Even if he never gets puked on by his own kids, at least we got this as a tiny payback LOL.
All curled upFast asleep

I love those two pictures. The first one shows her exactly the way she must have been curled up inside of me, nice and snugly, feeling safe. The second one she just is sooooooo relaxed and fast asleep. Just precious.

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