Thursday, June 10, 2004

Back On Line

After 25.5 hours without power. Wow, talk about bad timing! No cooking, no hot water, no laundry, no tea, no dishwashing, no vacuum cleaning (wait, I didn't mind that LOL), lost most of the contents of our small freezer, and of course no lights at night. You can't believe how many times I tried to turn on the light before it finally sank in LOL

Baby is doing great, I am not doing so well, physically. I have an extremely painful plugged duct, in my arm pit, of all places. The whole right side of my torso is hurting a lot! And I couldn't even use cold or hot compresses, because of the stupid power being out. I remember having a plugged duct in my arm pit with Erik, but I didn't have the pain I am having now. I had some pain when my milk came in, but it seemed to have disappeared. Then last night, Erik was nursing and suddenly my whole side started to hurt. OUCH! It hasn't stopped hurting since then, I have a hard time coping with it. When I lean on my right side, it causes excruciating pain. I can't easily reach or grab things with my right hand anymore. Getting up from a sitting position is very challenging. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

I am doing all kinds of stuff, took a nice long hot shower now that the power is back on. Will start warm compresses tomorrow, and I'll try ice in between nursings. Taking extra vit C and E, and some B complex. I also took some liquid lecithin, but that tasted so awful that I am not sure whether I want to continue that LOL. I can use healing vibes, this just sucks! I have a cold, and every time I cough, it just is awful.

She still hasn't officially be named, but we are working on it, now that the mil is gone. We first were considering Elizabeth, with maybe Eliza as a nick name. But now we are thinking Sylvia, which means 'from the woods' and that seems to fit her very well. We started thinking about that name when somebody wrote to tell that we should find a name that meant 'born amongst trees'. Dh immediately came up with Sylvia and both of us like that, it sure has the trees connection and would fit with the way she came into this world. Not to mention that a deer definitely is an animal from the woods too.

3 days old

On this pic you can see that she's darker than my other kids. Not dark dark, just darker than I am used to :-) After so many blondies, I am curious to see what color her hair will have when she gets a bit bigger. The picture also shows her working on getting her thumb in her mouth and her other hand close to her face too. She must have spent a lot of time in that position when she was in utero, she kept getting her hands up there and sucking either her thumb or her fingers. So cute!

Back to the names issue, just some names that the kids came up with. Cees came up with a few normal names, but also names like Yaya, and such. Tim is still working on a list from the names book which I borrowed from a friend. Tara has presented us with two sheets of names already, containing gems like Taratwo, Janetwo, and Katetwo, in addition to more traditional names. Jane has one name, Kelly, which I actually like too, but which I don't think is right for this baby. Kate came up with names like Misty and Pokemon. Erik's favorites were Borst (dutch for 'breast') and Goldenhair. At least they are all assisting in the name search :-)

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