Friday, June 18, 2004


Formula companies have been invading our mailbox. Over the last few weeks, I have gotten at least three packages of formula companies, all claiming to be the best for my baby and the closest to breast milk... It's amazing how they all want the best for my baby by trying to convince me to use their formula. They all pay lip service to 'breast is best', but that's kind of hidden in all the other messages of happy babies with bottles, family members who can't wait to be involved in feeding the baby, and the implied convenience of bottle feeding.

I even got a 'developmental play book' for my baby, with formula advertising on the back... Guess where that book ended? Got two cans of free formula too, which I will donate to the local food bank. All the advertising crap made it to my recycling bins and/or the garbage can. ToysRus told me I needed to get the perfect nursery ready for my baby's homecoming... Hmmm, she was born at home AND she doesn't have a nursery. Guess we are not in the target audience for all those companies.

Pampers is trying to convince me to give my baby the blanket-like comfort of their swaddlers. I'll just stay with the Polar Babies fleece wrap blanket-like comfort instead, thank you. With the number of poopy diapers Sylvia has been having, we would have spent quite a lot of money on disposables already, and we would have had a lot of extra garbage. I'd rather spend my money on paying off the mortgage, or buying heating oil for next year.

We had a nice, quiet day at home today. Got some more birth announcements written, did some household stuff, and just relaxed. I wanted to write my birth announcements outside, so I got all the stuff together and carried it outside, sat down to start writing and drip drop... the first rain drops fell... Decided that the porch was outside enough, so at least I wouldn't get wet LOL. It wasn't even that much rain, my garden needs way more than what we got. The second time it started raining was when I was watering the plants on the deck... But yet another instance of not enough rain. I hope there will be more rain over the next few days, the garden needs it badly!

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