Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Busy Day

Started out with gymnastics for the girls, early in the morning. They are enjoying it a lot, but I have to admit that I won't mind when this is over :-) Later we had two of Cees's friends come over to play, then he and Tim got invited to go to our local swimming pool, so they went for a while. One of the neighbors stopped by with her 5yo girl. This was the first time Kate and she did meet and they seemed to hit it off. Both are very much into barbies :-) We will go to visit them on Friday, Kate has 2 backpacks totally packed already, filled with barbies to take with her :-) And she keeps saying 'I can't wait till Friday!!!'

A friend stopped by with her toddler and newborn, we sat in the front yard for a while, that was nice. Just sitting and chatting, not doing anything but holding and nursing our babies. Watching our older kids play. Listening to the birds and the squirrels. It is times like this that hopefully will help me not to sink in a post partum depression this time around. At least I timed this birth so I can have lots of outdoors time during those first few months :-)

Got more birth announcements sent out, now I need to find a different address list to do my next batch. It should be somewhere on the desk that was cleared off about a month ago... It is not as empty anymore... Maybe I'll look for that list tomorrow, maybe not :-)

And of course, I nursed, and I nursed, and I nursed, and I changed diapers, and I just overflowed with love for this little miracle baby. She can be so fast asleep on top of me, so cute, so trusting. I feel very blessed that she finally joined our family!

miracle baby

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