Thursday, June 03, 2004


Well, by the mil-s at least LOL. They were complaining today that they felt so useless, and whether I had something I wanted them to do. I told them that I didn't have anything that HAD to be done, but lots of things that would be nice to be done, so if they were willing to take on some of those...

We decided on my hallway closet as the Project Of The Day. One of those closets that you just throw in stuff and hope you will be able to get it out again some day. Usually by opening it and having it fall on your head or your toes... I first measured it all, so I could go to the hardware store and get some shelving hardware. While I was there, they emptied it, and stacked it all in the hallway. What a mess! LOL

I spent quite some time at the hardware store, staring at my little piece of paper, staring at all the shelving and storage options, and feeling quite overwhelmed. Who would have known how many options there are for making your closet look organized? Although I realized that my closets never would look the same way as the one on the front of the boxes. But still, a bit more organization in it would be nice :-)

After long and thoughtful consideration, I just closed my eyes and picked the first two boxes that seemed about right LOL. Got two shelving units, and six stacking shelves, for the upper part of the closet. Loaded them in my car and drove back to the mil-possessed house :-)

We got all the units put together, and the shelving installed and then we started putting all the stuff back into the closet. And wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, it all fit! We even had room left! And it doesn't fall out anymore! And we can even FIND things when we need them. How amazing! Do you think the baby has been waiting for this closet to get organized? No, I didn't think so either, but it's nice that it's done anyway.

I think I have had about five wimpy contractions today, not very impressive, is it? Still no mucus plug, still no feelings of impending birth. Guess we have to be patient for a bit more. A friend pointed out to me that there was a study once that showed that a deer wouldn't go into labor if she felt she was in danger. Hmmmmm, and since this is our deer totem baby, it makes me wonder :-)

Notice the baby scales (so we can actually weigh the baby after birth) and the hose. The hose is for if we decide on a waterbirth, to fill the tub. MIL was asking whether we could put the hose somewhere else, but I told her I would like to keep it here ;-) Not why I would want to keep it here though LOL.

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