Saturday, June 12, 2004

Doing Better

The stupid pain is getting better, finally. Not perfect yet, but also not as excruciating anymore. Some one mentioned inflamed lymph node to me, and now I am wondering whether that's what is happening? I figured it must be milk duct related, because of the timing, but the lymph node theory sounds likely too. It also could be nerve related, the pain feels like it could be a pinched or an irritated nerve or something. She was clenching occasionally during the first few days (OUCH!!!) and maybe that's what has caused temporary nerve damage? Whatever it is, it seems to be lessening today, very grateful about that.

Sylvia is doing great. She poops about 20 times per day, nurses like a pro, and is very good in communicating when she is unhappy about something. She makes the cutest noises when she is asleep, I just love love love her!

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