Thursday, June 24, 2004

testing time

Blue Belt

Tim had a belt test for karate today. He acquired his blue belt, pretty good. The belt colors are white - orange - yellow - blue - green - purple - brown - black, so he is almost halfway to black belt now :-) The belt testing is done in a group of students, and takes about 2 hours. That wouldn't be too bad, if it wasn't timed around dinner time, so all the little ones are really tired and grumpy... Let's just say that the situation for them was less than optimal. But Tim did pass the test, and is the proud owner of a blue karate belt now :-)

I harvested spinach today, yummy! Just love getting vegetables from my own garden! The groundhog paid us a visit, and we now have a lot less broccoli, cabbage, and eggplant plants. He even ate some of my zucchini plants! But somehow I can't imagine that we will complain about having less zucchini than we could have had :-) Of course, after harvesting all that spinach, I decided to heat up one of our freezer meals that a friend had brought over, a Sheherazade casserole, since we didn't really have time to cook because of the belt testing. It feels so luxurious to be able to just heat something that some one else has prepared!

Got a call from the bank that our visa card number has been 'compromised' Not used yet, but of course they still wanted to cancel it and give us a new number. Since I have been doing the debt annihilation plan, I have only one credit card, so it's kind of inconvenient not to have one for a week or so. Not terribly hard, but just inconvenient. Had to pay CASH at the gas station. How old fashioned ;-) I'll be glad to have my new credit card! I won't even be able to order anything on line till I have it!

With the gymnastics, the gardening, the belt testing, the take out food (Tim's choice as celebration for his blue belt), a trip to the video rental place, and a friend coming over today, I didn't have time to feel depressed at all, so that was good :-)

asleep yet again

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