Tuesday, June 29, 2004

What A Mess!!!

My floors are starting to be even more messy than usual, I think I need to schedule a picking up day tomorrow, this is crazy. And usually it doesn't bother me much, but now suddenly it does. Guess it really is time to clean up! Or at least, make the floors walkable again. I am ready to get a few garbage bags and to just throw out everything that's on the floors. Heck, let's throw out everything else too! LOL

Today was too busy. Had Tim work on the computerized standardized test, picked up the girls from summer gymnastics, did two loads of laundry, helped Cees making blueberry scones, took a morning walk, had a quick lunch, helped deliver veggie boxes for our CSA, dropped off videos at rental place, got new summer shoes for Tara, Jane, Kate, and Erik, and so on. It really was too much.

Erik had to pee extremely badly at the shoe store, and of course they didn't have a toilet...He was doing the toileting dance, you know, where you know he can pee his pants any moment. Sylvia was filling up her diaper in the sling, really loudly too... Tara and Jane were trying to decide on which sandals. Looking at them, and at Erik, I didn't think he was going to make it. I ended up just taking Erik (and Sylvia of course) out, and have him pee in a quiet corner of the parking lot, where no one could see us. There just weren't any other options. But I still felt embarrassed and very trashy, to have him pee on the asphalt there. Oh well.

The good thing about today is that we broke the 40 % barrier on our debt. A bit over two years ago, I read an article, claiming that most people could get rid of all debt, including the mortgage, within about 7.5 years. I didn't believe it. But I was interested anyway, so I sat down with my trusted calculator and started punching in numbers. Hmmmm, maybe he was right in our case. We had almost 27 years left on our mortgage, but with this plan, we should be able to pay off within 6.5 years.

I did more number crunching (always loved mathematics) and decided to go for it. Made a nice spreadsheet to keep track of it all (including graphs, yes, I am geeky LOL). We got started in May 2002. At that point we had the mortgage, a home equity loan, and three almost maxed out credit cards. Now (2 years later) we just have the mortgage left, and we are at less than 60 % of all that original debt! Some months are better than others, but we always pay off some extra, even when we can't pay the full 'lots of extra' amount. So glad I got started on this, and that it is working. I hope to pay off the rest of the mortgage within the next 4 or 5 years, and then everything we own will be really ours! :-)

Cute baby

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