Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Checkup With Midwife

We had a checkup with my midwife today. Everything is going well. My blood pressure was 100 over 70, and my weight was down to 140 lbs already. I seem to be losing weight faster than normal after birth. Oh well, not something I am going to complain about LOL.

Sylvia is doing well too. She was down to 7 lbs 8 oz when she was three days old, and weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz today! Wow! That's quite some weight gain. No wonder she has so many poopy diapers :-) She must be doing a lot of growing.

My neighbor mowed our lawn today! Using a riding lawn mower, which goes a lot faster than our own boring one. Let's just say that we don't consider lawn mowing a very high priority, so it made a huge difference. The yard looks a lot bigger now. And Tara has been biking everywhere in it, much easier to bike in the grass after the lawn has been mowed :-)

I started sending out birth announcements. Got them printed yesterday, and actually was able to send out a bunch today. I am so organized! (stop laughing!) Yesterday I immediately managed to give myself a papercut on them, very dangerous activity, writing all those envelopes :-)

Tara spent quite some time reading to Sylvia today. It was so cute to watch. I just love seeing my kids interact with each other. And Sylvia seemed to enjoy the reading too.

Story Time

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