Saturday, June 19, 2004

She shrunk!!!

Had a checkup at our gp today, her first official one. Where she still was 8 lbs 10 oz at the midwife on Wednesday, she was only 8 lbs 7.5 oz now... And she shrunk in height too. Guess I shouldn't have taken her in the hot shower this morning LOL. And my dreams of finally having an eater and a sleeper might not come true either :-) She was declared healthy though, which is the most important issue.

I told her about the low heart rate at day three, when the midwife listened to her heart and it was only 88 bpm. She was waking up, but still, it seemed really low. She said that she had seen this in babies who are very relaxed, and as long as her color is good and she seems fine otherwise, that most likely there isn't anything to worry about.

Got yet another package of formula today. Geez! Like I really want to spend my day preparing bottles instead of just popping in a breast. At least this one didn't come with a 'developmental book for baby' with formula ads on it. But still...

I had my first 'real' walk tonight, since Sylvia has been born. We walked for an hour, without kids (well, without walking kids, I had Sylvia in the sling, my friend had her toddler in a stroller) so we could set a good pace. I had gone out in the morning too, and had some issues with the uphill parts. It was easier tonight, because we were together, so we could just chat , and we didn't really have to concentrate on the walking so much. Still, my driveway seemed very uphill when I came home, LOL. I had been walking almost every day with the little ones, but those walks weren't very demanding, much slower and much more resting, waiting for toddler to pick yet another white clover :-) It was nice to do a real walk again, maybe some day I'll actually get back in condition :-) I am hoping the daily walks will help with preventing post partum depression this time around, since I had it pretty bad with the last two kids. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

sleeping baby

One more fun fact about Sylvia, I just found out, thanks to a comment in my blog, that the queen of Sweden is called Sylvia too. I didn't even know that, how cool! Kate's real name is Catharina, which is our new princess in the Netherlands (Catharina-Amalia), and now we have a queen too ;-)

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