Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Tooth Fairy

My girls were talking about the tooth fairy today. We have never made it a secret that the tooth fairy isn't real, but we have always done the pretending, just because it's fun. They get a dollar for every tooth they lose. They were worrying about what would happen if a kid thought that the tooth fairy was real, and then they would grow up, and never find out that she wasn't real, and what if they had a kid and that kid lost a tooth???? They would not know that they had to play the role of the tooth fairy. So their kid would not get a dollar for her tooth... You never knew that this would be a risk of making your kids believe in the tooth fairy, did you? LOL

Tara has been changing lots of poopy diapers. She is really into it, and does quite a good job. She keeps asking me 'Did Sylvia poop yet???' 'Maybe she has a wet diaper?' 'Do you think she wants her diaper changed???' LOL I am pretty sure it will only last a few days, and then I'll be back to changing all diapers myself, but it is nice while it lasts :-)

Finally baked my rhubarb bread! Got it finished tonight at 8pm or so, after starting it somewhere in the morning. Not sure why they call it quick bread... Or could it have been the 7,913 interruptions, instead of the bread, which made this take so long?

Kate has declared that she is NOT going to live together with a daddy, because she doesn't want any babies. It hurts too much. I pointed out that the pain was only a few hours, but the baby would last for a life time, but she didn't seem convinced. Jane told her that she could live together with a man, she just shouldn't have sex ;-) Gotta love those conversations.

We were going to eat freshly picked peas from the garden today, but it was 7pm, and the day had been too full and too crazy again. I was still trying to get the rhubarb bread in the oven, Sylvia was screaming, Kate and Erik were fighting, the other four just came home from karate, the peas hadn't been shelled, and the kitchen looked like some one must have been cooking and baking there all day. Never got around to filling the dishwasher, and after a few loaves of normal bread, and then the rhubarb bread, and the normal breakfast/lunch dishes, it just was overwhelming. The laundry still had to be brought inside, and there was lots of other stuff still to be done. I looked at the dishes, looked at the screaming baby, and told Sander that this seemed like the perfect day to get Chinese take out :-) We called, and about 20 minutes later, a good looking guy showed up to hand us our dinner. I was soooooooooooooooooo hungry by then, it was very very welcome! And it will provide us another night's dinner, enough leftovers :-)

We have been harvesting a few strawberries every day. Cees or Tara divides them carefully into five, kind of equal, parts and then they all get some. (Tim doesn't eat strawberries). I hope the new strawberry bed will produce a bit more next year, but for now it's fun to at least have some strawberries every single day.

My evening primrose is blooming! I have used evening primrose oil in the past, it seems to help me get pregnant faster (that's why Tara and Jane are only 13mo apart :-) When I found an evening primrose plant last year, I bought it, just couldn't resist. I had a bunch of flower last year, but thought I had lost the plant this year, couldn't find it in the spring. But luckily, it still is there, and doing really well! Lots of pretty, yellow flowers. Somehow this plant is very connected with fertility to me, I smile every time I see the flowers.

Evening Primrose

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