Saturday, July 17, 2004

A Clean Kitchen!

They came today! My volunteers from Good Beginnings, I really really like this initiative! I have a clean kitchen now! I did most of it, since I know where everything goes and such. They helped by holding Sylvia and doing some cleaning too. One of them vacuumed the downstairs floors, they did some tying up of my tomato plants, and they made 'magic mud' with the kids. Erik started out with yellow mud, added green coloring, then blue, then red. I asked him what color it was now. He replied with a very decisive 'It's a POOP color!' LOL

The tomatoes are looking good, I even have some plants that are producing tomatoes already. Now if only they would turn red instead of green :-)

When they were gone, and Sander was home, I was able to clean off the table too, so it looks almost like I am an organized person now! It's such a shame that this usually doesn't last more than a few days.

Will it ever stop raining? I guess it will, but this is yet another day with too much of it. At least it didn't rain while they had the swimming lessons. And I was able to walk for a bit after getting home, with the three little ones. It was raining a bit while we were walking, and it started raining really hard when we were close to home, so we had it timed pretty well. Now it still rains on and off, I am sooooooooooo done with all this rain!

baby and big brother

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