Saturday, July 31, 2004

Aunt Flo!

Sylvia is exactly eight weeks old, and today, I got my first period! Wow! Never got it back this early. Usually it comes at exactly 8.5 months, like clock work. The only two exceptions are Erik, where it took me 13 months to get my period back, still not sure why, I suspect that I might have had some hypothyroidism going on. The other exception was between Tara and Jane, when I hoped to be pregnant soon again, and had read that taking evening primrose oil could help to get your period back sooner. It sure did! Got one period at 3.5mo and got pregnant on that subsequent cycle. I was thrilled! Loved having those girls so close together.

This time, I was afraid I would have to wait 13 months again, and I also still have all those miscarriages going through my head, and am afraid for a re-occurence, even although the problem should be solved now that my fibroids are gone. So I was hoping for an earlier return of fertility, so we could start trying sooner. I had been taking essential fatty acids anyway, just because of general health support, and I was hoping that this would get my period back sooner this time, since the evening primrose oil seemed to work for me eight years ago.

It worked! I even did ovulate about a week ago, although my luteal phase sucked, only 6 days. But I am thrilled that my period is returning this shortly post partum, I would love for Sylvia to have a sibling closer in age than Erik is. Maybe even one of her own gender, but I have to admit that I couldn't care less what gender baby it would be, I would just be so happy to have another miracle baby after all those miscarriages.

Today was the last day of daily swimming lessons, phew, so glad that that's over! Those three weeks of gymnastics and three weeks of swimming sounded like a great idea when I was 39 weeks pregnant and full of energy and signing them up. In hindsight I really am like 'What WAS I thinking????' But it's over now, and the kids did have fun.

After the swimming, I followed Kim's example and took them to the beach. The weather had not been cooperating much lately, and I just hadn't been up to it yet this year. But I really wanted to go soon, because I felt bad for Erik, who had to come to the swimming pool with us every day, but never got to swim. Now he finally could swim!!! Sylvia wasn't thrilled with her hat at the beach. So I ended up keeping her mostly in the shade, so I didn't have to bother with the hat. And who else showed up when I went to use the bath room but our trusted af? Typical af behavior :-)

I think another reason that af might be showing up so early, is because Sylvia is sleeping a good chunk of time at night, often 4 to 6 hours. Quite a long time for such a little baby. Not something I will complain about though :-) This picture shows her, down for the night, she always sleeps on this quilt on the floor in the computer room till we go to bed.

Sleeping Beauty

I had my helpers again today, the Good Beginnings volunteers. I asked them to cut up veggies, since that is usually the reason that I can't get dinner cooked at night, the veggies haven't been cut yet, and by the time evening rolls around, I am too tired, and Sylvia is too fussy. I often try to cut them up during the day, but that does not always happen. So I emptied the veggies drawers for them, and had them cut it all up. I have cut-up veggies for a few days now, perfect! They also helped me to do a quick kitchen cleanup.

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