Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sylvia and friend

Fussy Day

Sylvia is having a fussy day today. She usually is mostly fussy during the evening, and fine during the day as long as you carry her around. But today, she was not happy during the day either, especially not if I dared to sit down instead of walk around. So I did spend a lot of time walking around with her, or sitting down to nurse, but then she started complaining about MILK coming out of those things she just wanted to suck on for comfort LOL.

She used to poop all the time, like 20 times a day or so. Then she started pooping less and less, until she was on a fairly consistent schedule of once a day, always in the evening, after a few hours of fussiness. But yesterday, she did do her few hours of fussiness, but forgot to finish it with the poop. She didn't poop yet today either, but she sure was fussy. I guess she is changing her schedule again, Tara only pooped once a week or so, so maybe she will be a baby like that.

Tim was sitting next to her in the van today, and played the tongue game with her. He was so thrilled when she copied him by sticking out her tongue. I think it makes her even more fun for her siblings now that she is starting to play games like this.

Yesterday was a full day, first swimming lessons, then LLL evaluation meeting, followed by 6 weeks checkup at midwife, and we also had karate. I used the karate time to return the crates from our CSA, since I did some delivery for her on Tuesday. Phew, what a full day!

But it was nice to see my midwife again, Sylvia weighed in at 12 lbs 2 oz! Wow! She is about 1.5 times as heavy as when she was born. Little piggy :-) We talked about my depression issues, she looked up how long it lasted with Erik, which was about 3 months. I should be able to deal with it for a few months. And Sylvia is worth every minute of ppd anyway, she is the most perfect baby ever ;-)

My weight was down to 138 lbs, so getting pretty close to my pre pregnancy weight. She took some blood to check for hypothyroidism, since my bbt has been low for me, and it has made me wonder whether that could be an issue for me. I'll hear the results early next week.

I visited a good friend today, and came home with dinner, barbequed tempeh with peppers. Yummy!!!! It is nice to have friends who love to cook :-) I had planned on cooking tonight, but I never even got veggies cut up, so this was perfect timing.

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