Thursday, July 08, 2004


'Many mothers find it helopfeul to have formula on hand. To help with this, we have inclused coupons/ checks.' This is what the x thousandth letter from one of the formla company tells me today. They keep insisting on sending me stuff, how terribly annoying! Why would many mothers find it helpful to have their stupid formula? Helpful for whom anyway? For the formula companies? So that we get sucked into their claws?

Just checked all the tins I have already, all of them sent to me by this journal. I got four of them, which would enable me to make more than 2 gallons of formula, and feed her for at least 1.5 weeks. That should be enough to sabotize my breastfeeding relationship, after they tell me thtat it's important to take a break, and to let others help (as in 'have them give the baby a bottle!'...

Well, the formula companies are out of luck here, so they should stop sending stuff!

Yesterday, I did get my property taxes paid, what a lot of money! And I didnt' even have to pay extra for being late, phew.

Today, I did some gardening, but most of the day, I was holding a fussy Sylvia. Not sure why she was so unhappy, she did poop a lot, so maybe that was it. I did get my morning walk in though, so that was good. That was about the only thing I did get done though.

Off to bed now, I am totally exhausted.

Three Smiles

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