Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Swimming Lessons Trouble

Today, I worked on getting my house ready for a LLL meeting tomorrow. It wasn't as hard as I feared. But that's mostly because my standards are pretty low LOL. Got my island cleared off, the floors kind of picked up, the bathroom cleaned, and a quick vacuum ran through the house. They will just have to live with that. I'll bake cinnamon raisin bread, that should make up for any shortcomings :-)

Kate forgot her clothes and towel for swimming lessons this morning. I was a good enough mom to go back home and get them during the lessons, only to come back and find out that the water was too cold and she didn't want to go swimming after all. ARGH!!! All that driving for nothing! Tim didn't swim much either, sometimes I wonder why I bother. OTOH, the other three in lessons did great, so I guess that's more than half of them LOL.

We had quite some rain today, but I was able to get in my morning walk after swimming, before it started raining. I was afraid that Jane might have forgotten her swim suit and we might have to make yet another trip to the pool, but luckily she had dropped it in the garage somehow... Phew!

Went to a Natural Family Boutique party at a friend's house tonight. Lots of fun stuff, but I was able to restrain myself and only buy a new bouncy ball for the kids :-) Could have spent way too much money, I loved all the wooden toys. I have been considering to do this too, but only on line, I am just not a party person, on line would be much easier for me.

Today, Kate complained to me 'I have never even lost a tooth'.
I replied reassuringly 'I am sure it will happen soon'
She asks 'Maybe if I punch one out?'

Sorry Jen, no picture today, I need to upload new ones, and Sylvia just woke up and nursed and is ready for bed now. I promise I will add one to the next entry, really!

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