Friday, July 09, 2004

Very awake girl

No Volunteers Today

My volunteers were supposed to come today, but she had a flat tire, so they couldn't make it. Bummer, bummer, bummer! I was going to dig out my kitchen when they were here, and ask them to run the vacuum through the downstairs rooms, but alas, none of that got done now. Oh well. The floors did get picked up though, because I had told the kids that they had to be so they could be vacuumed. So as long as you ignore the little pieces of lint, paper, or whatever on the floor, it looks pretty clean anyway :-) Or it did for a while at least.

Didn't get much done today, but I did get my morning walk in, Jane accompanied me. She was amazed about the birds we saw, she says she usually sees only black birds when she walks by herself, but not crows... No idea what kind of birds she does see, or whether she just has a very dark way of looking at those birds? And no, it's not that she wears sunglasses a lot ;-)

We have been enjoying some blueberries, just like Chris in her Big Yellow House. But instead of eating them nice and fresh from the bush, Jane has been putting them in the freezer, so we can eat our own frozen blueberries... Sometimes I wonder about my kids. Why freeze blueberries when you can eat them warm from the sun?

Today's formula junkmail was 'Your Helpful Feeding Guide' from Enfamil. It wasn't very helpful. But they sure do put cute baby pictures on the front to make their junk mail look more attractive I guess. Too bad that that trick didn't work on me either.

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