Thursday, July 01, 2004

Quiet Day

Finally, I needed this badly!!!! I think I really did too much over the last few days, it was so nice not to have to do anything but pick up the girls from gymnastics. I was starting to get really stressed out, today was much much nicer. We finished the standardized testing for our homeschooling. I set up our new fax, tested it out with my brother, it actually worked! Cleaned off the island, cleaned up the desk that used to be cleaned up about 5 weeks ago, but definitely wasn't anymore. Took a nice long walk with the three little ones. Visited with a friend. Swept the kitchen floor. Made curried veggies and tofu over rice. Puttered around the house. Oh, and nursed, nursed, and nursed Sylvia of course :-)

Just took another hour long walk with one of my friends. Sylvia started out awake, but fell asleep pretty fast and peacefully slept the rest of the time. I even could put her down when we came home, and she still is asleep! The kids got into puzzles today, divided their time between playing outside, and making puzzle after puzzle. Still tripping over some when I go to the bathroom, guess we do need to some picking up again tomorrow :-)

Tonight I was in the back yard with Sylvia, and she was really focusing on all the trees, it was neat to see her look around, taking in all the nature around her. Here's a picture of Sylvia with her new Bambi blanket. It just is so lovely!

New deer blanket

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