Monday, July 12, 2004

The Fair

Last Saturday, it was time for our yearly fair. The kids love it, I am not a big fan of it. It is close to our farmer's market, actually on the same field. So I can't even pretend it isn't there, the kids see it when we go to the market :-)

We first went to the farmer's market, and got all kinds of stuff, including juneberries, which I had never eaten before. They are pretty close to blueberries, most of the kids liked them. I might get some juneberry bushes next year, I didn't want to buy them without tasting them first. Hmmmm, maybe Sylvia's placenta can go underneath a juneberry bush, since she was born in June. Gotta think about that. Sylvia actually was awake for part of the farmer's market, usually she sleeps the whole time. She was supercute, peeking out of the sling, I think she enjoyed looking around and having lots of people say hi to her.

We had parked really close to the fair, but we took the car to go there anyway. I felt funny about that, but my frugal side could not ignore the fact that driving to the fair would cost us $5 for the car load, while walking there would cost us $2 per person. Saving $11 seemed worth the hassle of driving around, but like I said, I still felt weird about doing it this way, it seemed a waste of gasoline and time. Oh well.

The kids did wonderful at the fair. We had told them that they could do two rides per person, and Erik amazed me by choosing two rides when we were still in the parking lot, and sticking with those two without whining for more, temper tantruming over the rides he could not do, and such. He told us he wanted the dragon and the horsey. The dragon was a tiny roller coasterd, the horsey was his name for the merry go round. He did both of those and was totally happy. The older kids went for the bumper cars, Tara and Jane were in one together. They couldn't quite reach the paddles, so Jane was kind of laying down in the car to reach them, while Tara did the steering wheel. Funny to see.

I am glad the fair is over, it's just too much noise and too many people for me. The kids loved it though, and that's why I keep going there year after year :-)

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, mostly doing things around the house and try to fight post partum depressions. Lots of ups and downs, I have been feeling more and more overwhelmed, but sometimes I feel really good too. Today seems to be a less than optimal days, tons of things to do, but somehow not even getting half of them done. But I did call my credit union to get a new credit card, which we will just use on line. After my last card being 'compromised' and going through the bother of having to replace it, we have decided we'll get a low limit card for on line purchases. If some one does hack the number and uses it, they will only be able to charge a few hundred dollars and that's it. So after getting rid of all my credit cards at the beginning of my debt annihilation program, I am actually getting an extra one now. I trust my ability not to mis-use it though. After getting rid of all that old debt, I am not going to build up a new high saldo on any cards!

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