Friday, July 02, 2004

A Nap???

Saw the midwife today and she told me that I should try to take a nap every day... She said that I might be more tired that I think, because I am pushing myself too much, kind of living on adrenaline. Who??? Me??? How can she think that? LOL

I told her about the emotional stuff going on, and that there had been good days and bad days, and about the crying I've been doing. Illustrated it by bursting into tears during the appointment... But apart from that, it was a good appointment LOL.

We mostly talked about the whole ppd issue, but she also looked at Sylvia of course. She is 10 lbs 3 oz now, quite some weight gain from the 7 lbs 14 oz she was at birth. She is four weeks old now, where did the time go??? I weighed 141 lbs, a pound more than 3 weeks ago... Must be all the chocolate I've been eating late at night, to deal with the stress :-) My uterus was pretty low already, should be back to normal soon. So physically I am doing great, emotionally there still is a lot of room for improvement.

I had two volunteers over today from Good Beginnings, a community service to help new moms with babies, very nice! They asked what they could do to help, and I had them re-organize two of the book cases upstairs. The books kept falling out, it was a mess, and neither the kids, nor me, could ever find what we wanted to read. It looks so much better now! And it's a project I would never have gotten around to by myself, but it definitely does improve the quality of life in our house. It will be so much easier for the kids to pick out the books they want to read before going to sleep. And the best thing is, that the volunteers will be back next week!

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