Monday, July 26, 2004


Lots Of Girls

We have been doing sleepovers since Saturday night, keep exchanging some kids with a friend. Saturday, my three girls slept over at their house, so we had only 4 kids, 3 boys, 1 girl. But tonight, we are reversing that and ended up with 5 girls, and only 1 boy. Poor Timmy!! Cees is at camp, Erik is sleeping over, for the very first time ever. He was so happy that he finally got to go :-) Now I am waiting to see whether we'll get a midnight phone call to come pick him up. I don't really expect it, since he was the one initiating the sleep over, but still wondering.

I had a friend over this afternoon, who held Sylvia for me, so I could do things as unloading/ loading the dishwasher, and cut up veggies for dinner. I made one of those 'whatever there is in the fridge' soups. I even found my first pattypan squash in the garden, so added that too. And a bunch of overgrown snap peas, which we used as shelling peas. We shelled them outside, lots of little ones to help us shell and eat some of them. It was nice to be outside and do stuff like that with a few friends. Perfect weather, not too hot, and not as extremely humid as it was last week.

When I came back from swimming lessons, I even managed to get some weeding done in one of my flower beds, with Sylvia in the sling. The vegetable beds are totally overgrown with weeds too, but vegetables are still growing, so ignoring that for now. I usually pull out a few weeds every time I am outside, but the weeds are winning anyway, oh well.

The pond is doing well, we are getting more and more frogs. Not sure how that happens, since we never saw any tad poles. But our frog population has increased from 2 to 7 over the last few months. Hmmmm, we have as many frogs as kids now :-) The mosquito fish are doing well too, we are pretty sure they must have had babies, there are more and smaller ones than there used to be. Now, the mosquito larvae are not doing well, we had a thriving population before we put in the mosquito fish and goldfish, and now we don't have any left. Too bad :-) :-)

Managed to fill up 1.5 garbage bags today, it's is so nice to know that I will never see all that stuff again! But why can't I see any difference in my house, even although I have been filling up garbage bags since last week?????


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