Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Sylvia's Well Baby Visit

She had a well baby visit today, she got approved ;-) She weighed 10 lbs 5 oz, wow, she sure is growing! Officially 22 inches now, and everything else checked out great too. Kate and Erik fought only a few times during the visit, could have been a lot worse LOL.

Sylvia got two packages delivered today. One with 'party diapers', very cute, very colorful. My girls loved them, Sylvia didn't express her opinion about them yet LOL. The other one had cute homemade diapers too, a Polar Bears diaper wrap, a wonderful blanket with Sylvia's name on it, and a perfect wood sculpture, a pregnant mom, I really need to take a picture and post it soon. It's hard to describe the beauty of it, I just love love love it!

Harvested our first broccoli today, stir fried it with some ginger and sliced almonds. Yummy! I baked bread, but I kept forgetting it, still turned out well though. I guess it gave it a lot of time to develop a really great taste :-)

Now I really should be off to bed, all the kids are asleep already, and we have to get up early yet again for gymnastics. Yawn! Guess it's time for a yet another sleeping Sylvia pic, to get in the mood for bed :-)

Sleepy Girl

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