Saturday, July 24, 2004

Erik, Karen, Sylvia, and Kate

Nice Day

We slept in till 8am, well, with a few interruptions for nursing, but still :-) Sylvia is a pretty good sleeper at night though, she often has one 4 to 6 hours stretch between feedings, not bad! Of course, I might have jinxed it by posting this. But I just had to share what a 'good baby' she is. Maybe we won't exchange her after all ;-) And I have to say, that when she wakes up at night, she just nurses and goes back to sleep, so that's not hard to deal with. She gets extremely annoyed if I change her diaper in the middle of the night, 'Can't you see I am trying to SLEEP here??? Stop bothering me!!!' LOL

Farmer's market day, always fun. I bought some baguettes and goat's cheese for the birthday party we were invited to in the afternoon. Usually I would have baked my own baguettes to bring, but wasn't up to that right now. So they just had to deal with store bought bread :-) I met a few friends, one of them carried Sylvia around for me :-) Another one gave me a wonderful raspberry pie, yummy, will have it with tea tonight. I know things aren't totally right with me though, since I almost burst into tears twice when people asked me how I was doing. A tad embarrassing to say the least.

After the farmer's market, we went back home to wrap presents (which heavily were focused on Pokemon... ) The older boys wanted to stay at home with dh, so I took only the younger five to Mesa's birthday party. We had a wonderful time, it was cooler weather, great food, nice people. The kids ran around and played, the parents hung out and chatted. The cake was very good, nut flours, carrots, eggs, no sugar, no flour. Some day I want to try to bake a cake like that, but not right now :-)

When we wanted to leave, Mesa first asked Tara to sleep over. Jane asked 'Can I sleep over too???? Please?????' Then Kate asked ''Can I sleep over too???? Please?????'. Followed by Erik 'Can I sleep over too???? Please?????' Erik was so disappointed when he couldn't sleep over, because he is still a bit too little, and I didn't want them to end up with four extra kids anyway. He was very indignant 'Kate is little too, and SHE gets to sleep over!!!' So I went home with only two kids, kind of weird. And we'll have only four kids in the house tonight, even weirder :-) Mostly boys too :-)

Dh took Sylvia out on a walk tonight, when she was fussy, which gave me my hands free to kind of clean up the mudroom. Not perfectly, but it looks a lot better now, and gave me the feeling that at least I did get something accomplished!

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