Friday, July 09, 2004

Harry Potter

Took the older kids to see Harry Potter tonight, we hadn't done that yet, because of Sylvia's birth. They were starting to get worried that they wouldn't be able to see it in the theater anymore. So today, I decided to try to take them.

I made sure to have an early dinner, pizza for the kids, curried vegetables with dahl over brown rice for Sander and me. It took me about the whole day to get dinner ready, not constantly of course, but cutting something here, picking something there. Used broccoli and peas from my own garden, and greens and shelling peas from my CSA box. It was really good, and I made enough to provide Sander with a bunch of lunches.

The kids did enjoy the movie, apart from Sylvia, who thought it was boring and slept through most of it :-) After nursing for a while of course, it sleeps better when your belly is nice and full. I had her in the sling, so she was very comfortable.

Today was the very last day of summer gymnastics, phew! I am glad it's over! Now we'll start swimming lessons next week. We celebrated by buying bagels at the Bagel Basement (shhhh, don't tell any one I didn't bake them :-)

And yes, I got yet another annoying formula junk mail today, it really seems to be a daily occurrence at the moment. What a waste of paper!

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