Friday, July 16, 2004


The rain is getting to me. It has been raining too much. It just doesn't feel like summer if it keeps raining and raining. And if it has to rain all the time, couldn't it be a bit cooler and less humid in exchange??? The only good thing is that I don't have to water the garden, but that's about it.

Tomorrow, I should have my volunteers visit again. I am going to try to clean the kitchen, it's long overdue for a thorough cleaning, instead of the fast 'wipe whatever isn't covered by clutter' cleanup that does happen. There is so much stuff in there that shouldn't be there, and I am sure there might be dirt underneath, that shouldn't be there either. I hope to be able to post tomorrow night, how sparkly clean my kitchen is!

Had a great LLL meeting yesterday, always fun to have those. We have lots of small babies in our group, love watching them grow bigger and bigger every month. This was Sylvia's third LLL meeting already! Erik decided that he could nurse too, if everybody else was nursing. Usually he only nurses before going to sleep, but the LLL meeting seem to trigger nursing in him too. Hmmm, I wonder why? ;-)

Today, I walked into our mudroom, Jane on Tara's shoulders, both on top of a black stepstool so they could reach the highest cubby holes. When I asked them what the heck they were doing, they explained to me that they were looking for a Sailor Moon card. I have no idea why they thought the card would have flown to one of the high cubbies, but I told them to get off right now, since I had all those visions of two kids falling off that step stool and a subsequent visit to the emergency room...

About 10 minutes later, they did the same in our television room, to try to find the card on top of the entertainment center. I saw it from outside the house, so I went inside to tell them to get down yet again. When I entered the television room, they both were sitting on the mattress, looking very angelic and innocent. I told them not to do that and they both claimed that they had no idea what I was talking about. When I told them that I had seen them, they replied in unison, pointing their fingers at the other 'SHE made me do it!!!!'

I got Cees his first share today, he has decided that he wants to start investing and Coca Cola is his company of choice... I have offered him a funds matching program, I match what he can come up with to invest. It took him a while, but he now has enough money (including my match) to buy his first stock! He is very excited about it. And I am wondering whether I should have left my investing books in plain sight in the book case, that's what got him started on this :-)

baby and big sister

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