Sunday, August 06, 2006

Warning: Shows Boobs

By now, everyone must have seen this article about the outrage of american parents of seeing a boob attached to a baby! They are extremely worried about their husbands and sons, boobs should only be shown in Victoria's Secrets catalogs. They consider it sick to actually have them shown as a source of nutrition for a baby human.

Wet feet has put up a great list of links to people who are putting up boobie pics in protest of this all. Quoting her "Want to make a statement? Leave this indecency where your children might see it. Want to be a real rebel? Post your own indiscreet nursing picture."

After nursing seven kids, I have quite a lot of nursing pictures. I decided that this one was very appropriate.

How's that? Not one, but TWO boobs being used the way nature designed us. These are Tara and Jane nursing. So many good memories. Now they go shopping and do each other's hair all the time, not to talk about nail polish. Time flies.


Feminist Mom said...

Awesome picture!

Annelies said...

Gekke Amerikanen toch!
Prachtige foto, Karen!

rachel said...

great picture!

thanks for reminding me to put one up too.

Anonymous said...

Yay boobies! Boobies for president!

Awww leetle jane & tara :-)


harri saptadi said...

Warning: Shows Boobs

komentaar: te laat, zuster. ^_^
@_@ *binoculair*

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture Karen!
What sweet memories you must have.
Mary Ann (March99Mum

txmommy said...

perfect picture!

Jody said...

Love it! Am posting my own pic today!

ccap said...

I love how the oldest is looking over at the youngest. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.