Thursday, August 03, 2006

So Much to Clean...

So much to clean, so little time. That's what I feel like these days, even while we are making a lot of progress. It just is overwhelming me just a tiny bit. Of course, every dump run gives me a lighter feeling: more crap we will NEVER have to see again! It just still amazes me how MUCH stuff there was down there. I guess that's what happens when you finally attempt to empty a black hole. Space debris of years has accumulated. Entropy has been ruling and been having a ball.

Van is loaded for yet another dump run, running total of trash bags is at 85 now. Wow! Something wonderful happened to my van. Last night, a friend called me to ask me to borrow it to move some stuff from her old house to her new house. No problem, I gave her the keys and she used it. Today, I got it back and turned out she had CLEANED it!!! As in taken out all the crap, washed the gazillion clothes which had found their way in there. Put all the good stuff into boxes. Got rid of two large trash bags full of empty MacDonald wrappers and whatever more was on the floor. Wow! She can borrow my van at ANY time ^^

We had an attachment parenting meeting today. One of my friends is pregnant and attended the meeting, so I gave her all the boxes of cloth diapers which had been living in my basement. She will be all set for her new baby.

Another friend spent a few hours digging out more basement stuff, this was a corner we hadn't really touched yet. The shelves in there now will actually be usable. The kids found a kitchen chemistry set and had fun playing with it for a while. Erik found sandbox toys, I guess I will have to actually get more sand in the sandbox, since there is not much left in there.

Will you believe that after all this, the basement STILL isn't finished? I am sure the dump attendants are groaning when they see me pull up with yet another trunk full of trash.

I did enough basement for today though, time to sit down with some tea and off to dump and go club.


aka_Meritt said...

My dear, I've been watching your progress on the basement have to hand it to you... you are doing (and have done) an AMAZING job. Simply and utterly amazing.

I'm afraid I would have looked at the basement and cried.

Then attempted 2 bags... and cried.

Then demanded my husband 'help'.

Then slowly but surely left him to finish the job, only venturing downstairs to check on his progress once every 3 days or so!

Hee hee hee.

Kathy said...

Wow Karen what great progress and what a great friend to clean out your van. I know how fast ours gets filled with garbage.

Was it hard to part with those little baby diapers?((((HUGS)))

O_Scientist said...

Believe me, aka_mer, I have been ready to break down and cry when it felt like no progress was being made. This job was just a tad overwhelming. But I have learned over the years that if I just start somewhere, and keep going, it will eventually (after much sweat and cursing and tears) be cleaned up. Well, maybe ^^ I can hope at least.

One of the things which keep me going is the frequent dump runs. Every time I throw a bag in their huge containers, I lose another few pounds of clutter. It feels amazingly good.

Of course, then I come home and the basement still looks overwhelming and horrible, but ignoring that for now ^^

Just filled bag 86 but need another dump run before I can do more. A friend is moving and wanted to add some stuff to my dump run, so I can sit down and study go before I have to leave. A needed break from the basement :D

And Kathy, it wasn't too bad, because I gave them to someone who will need and use them and enjoy them. Better for them to be used than to be doing nothing in our black hole basement