Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Today my daily dump run felt like a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage to offer more of my junk on the altar of the God of Trash. Pyramids of garbage have been built in his name. I had a great feeling of peace and gracefulness when I offered him my waste. My incomplete toys, broken puzzles, thousands of packing peanuts. My musty smelling old clothes, sunflower seed husks, and old pieces of plywood.

When I came to the recycling part of the dump (amazing how many cardboard boxes there can be in one basement), there was this beautiful and healthy plant waiting, it was named 'FREE'. I got rid of all my recycling, figuring I would give others a chance at first. Nobody seemed as attracted to it as I was, so I ended up loading it in my van, to replace the trash. At home, I planted it, and I hope it will do well. It can be a kind of remembrance of this basement project. Everytime I see that plant, I will smile and think about how many trash bags have left my house (up to 96 now!)

Had a LLL meeting today, not many people showed up, so we mostly had an un-meeting. Always enjoyable. Did basement work, go study, bread baking, and we went to the pool. Tomorrow Cees will come home, woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! I will drive to Boston to get him, we'll combine it with some Chinatown shopping before we pick him up. I can't wait!

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